NutraCultureTM PhycocyaninTM

PHYCOCYANIN™ is a natural dietary supplement dedicated to assisting individuals who are undergoing cancer therapies including chemotherapy and radiation. Besides, it also has cancer fighting and cancer preventive attributes of its own. PHYCOCYANIN™ is a research innovation introduced by our team of world class researchers who harnessed the power of this wonder molecule from Spirulina platensis, one of the oldest species on this planet. Our advanced high through put technology evolving ... Read more

NutraCultureTM EnglinaTM

NutraCulture™ Englina™ is a natural dietary supplement and a premium nutritional food, which is the outcome of years of R & D of Hash Biotech Labs, India. NutraCulture™ Englina™ is having a unique combination of Phycocyanin enriched Spirulina, natural Panax ginseng extract with high concentration of ginsenosides and natural Embilica officinalis (amla) extract. It is a complete food for NUTRITION, ENERGY and STAMINA. NutraCulture™ Englina™ is a vegetarian ... Read more

NutraCultureTM Spirulina

Spirulina is the new dawn for a healthy and active mind and body. It increases absorption of nutrients and helps protect against infections by enhancing our immune system. It is immensely beneficial to humans with high nutrient content including complete proteins with customised absorbability, all essential amino acids in right proportion, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients required for rejuvenation of cells. Further, presence of essential fatty acids such as GLA is good for heart and combating stress. Read more